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19 08 2010

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*Downtown Denver Organization to ‘Sweep’ the South Platte 9/25

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Tuesday September 14, 2010


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Downtown Denver Organization Plans to ‘Sweep’ the South Platte 9/25

19 08 2010

Downtown Denver Organization Plans to ‘Sweep” the South Platte 9/25


Legions of volunteers will be gathering soon to pick up trash and ‘clean up’  the South Platte riverway. 
Often, historically, people’s belongings have been thrown out during these types of sweeps.  Recently that has been true and the areas that have been policed and where there have been abuses of the freedom and rights of people who are living outside have been rampant.  
We have had many people who have been threatened and whose lives have been abused by different entities. All one needs to do is look at the archives of the local papers and the original Denver Voice in the Main Public Library and you wills see that the trails have been places that the business and recreation community have fought vehemently to drive the people who are not housed from.
These practices have occurred with the tacit approval of the municipal and county officials.  
Several business people  have said that the purpose of these “sweeps,” is to clean the beds, the by ways and the surrounding areas of debris.  This is not the perception of the residents along the water courses and paths.
 Most of the time they clear everything regardless of whether their is a site or not and they warn people who they encounter that they will throw away their belongings.
THESE actions take place annually and no one called and consulted with the homeless out reach team .  No one has met with  the people affected to allow them the dignity to have their things bagged and stored or to have them posted and out reach assist them, even though Denver’s Road Home explicitly states in the Ten Year Plan that people’s things will not be swept up and discarded without A) notice, B) out reach being informed and involved, C) without putting their personal possessions ion a place for a time for the affected parties to claim them.
Stop  clandestine operations to “sweep” any water way  or by way without explicit announcement of that private or public entity to the people who are living along these byways.